Abdulkadir O Egal – Founder, President


Abdul is currently the CEO of Xoriyo Consulting. Prior to Xoriyo Consulting, Abdul was a Director Engineering/ Director Technical Marketing at Cisco Systems. Abdul worked for  Cisco Systems 18 years. Abdul graduated from University of Toronto with B.S of Electrical Engineering. Abdul holds MBA from WGU. Abdul served as the Development Director for Don Callejon School for the 2010/2011 school year. Abdul is the Orphan Program Director for Read Horn of Africa USA and GiveLight Foundation. Abdul has a passion of helping Orphans and has recently been instrumental for Cisco employees raising over $1M for the East Africa Famine.


Asha Abdi, Director of Communications


Asha Abdi is a recent graduate at California State University, East Bay with a degree in Sociology. Her educational background has equipped her with an understanding of society, people and their needs, especially those most in need. Asha has years of experience in community development both in the United States and Somalia in working to support small clinics and schools in rural villages to creating programs to support immigrant and first generation Somali youth in the Bay Area. She hopes to spend not only her free time, but to a make a career of helping others help themselves.



Mohamed Musse,  Director 



Sahro Ahmed Koshin, Field Director in Garowe, Somalia

Senior Gender Advisor to the Ministry of Education Puntland and Founder of Action for Gender and Development NGO Somalia A recipient of the Dutch ECHO/Use Your Life Award and sole winner of the Rabobank Poetry prize, Sahro Ahmed Koshin has advocated for the rights of migrant and refugee women and children and other vulnerable groups who have been refused acceptance into the Dutch legal system. A Humanitarian/Development Expert with over 7 years of international work experience, Sahro has provided insight and advice to international organizations working on peace and conflict and institutional reform, post-conflict reconstruction Somali women's political participation. Sahro has worked in different (post) conflict settings such as in Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan and North-eastern Kenya with different organizations such as with various bodies of the UN, the European Union, CARE International, Cordaid, Hivos as well with local NGOs and line ministries in Puntland, Somalia. A PhD candidate at Kenyatta University, Sahro is currently working as a Senior Gender Advisor to the Ministry of Education in Puntland where she is providing technical advice and support. Spearheading the Gender Unit of the Ministry Sahro oversees projects that are designed to increase the access, retention and completion of girls education in Puntland.